Air Bridge Agreements

Spain, France and Italy will be among the first to have airlift agreements with the UK. The reflection comes ahead of an announcement expected on June 29 by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that agreements have been reached with a « small number » of countries with low concentrations of coronavirus, according to the newspaper. The implementation of the COVID-19 virus as a global pandemic has stopped the international movement for travelers from around the world since March. Countries in different regions have imposed different restrictions on arriving travelers, especially for travel that is not absolutely necessary, as host governments have attempted to limit additional sources of infection by exceptional means. Today, more and more countries and regions are working together to bridge the gap once needed by developing networks of « air bridges » and « travel bubbles » to enable cross-border travel where the virus appears to be under control. « Air bridges », « air corridors », « travel bubbles » or « corridors » are reciprocal agreements between any number of countries that allow unnecessary travel, usually without a self-isolated quarantine period on arrival and return. It was assumed that ministers would use a five-point assessment to determine which countries would be prioritized for possible airlift agreements. An airlift is essentially a route between two countries where the Covid 19 epidemic is under control. The government will announce a first list of nations with which the UK will have airlift agreements, so it has been reported that travellers can save their summer break from restrictions imposed by international lockdown measures. On June 25, Transport Minister Shapps announced that airlifts have only been agreed with countries with a coronavirus testing system and traces of the same standard as Britain, as well as a low virus rate. Also known as « travel corridors, » air bridges will allow tourists to travel between two countries without the need to quarantine them.

Joshua Ng, director of Alton Aviation Consultancy, said such deals could increase the number of passengers who can travel by 1.3 billion and referred to potential deals between Australia and New Zealand. According to the Daily Telegraph, such measures should be put in place as part of a three-step process, starting with agreements between Britain and a number of European nations, including France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany. The list was drawn up with a « traffic light system », with the granting of « green » and « yellow » air bridges to countries. Scotland is threatening to thwart the UK`s airlift negotiations by boycotting the programme and denying travellers entry to a planned list of 75 « safe » countries. Air bridges – an agreement between two nations to allow travel in and out of the nation without the need for a 14-day quarantine – have been touted as a way to save both the tourism sector and the nation`s hope of traveling abroad in a post-lockdown world, because many British holidaymakers desperately want to go abroad, here`s what can be expected from next week`s highly anticipated announcement on airlifts Mr Shapps said in the Commons: « I would be happy for his help in ensuring that airlifts can start as soon as possible. . . .

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