Canterbury City Council Tenancy Agreement

Your rights as tenants depend on the nature of the lease you have. Your rental agreement is a good quality contract between you and us and you are supposed to make sure that you and other tenants are good neighbors and that you take proper care of the houses you rent. Their introductory rental relationship lasts one year. If you do not break any of the rental conditions during this period, you will automatically become a « safe tenant ». If you breach the terms, we will take steps to terminate your rental. Funds from the Council system will only be for a deposit, not for other housing payments. Tenants who need additional support have other organizations they can visit, including the Canterbury Housing Advice Centre or the Citizens Advice Bureau. Or maybe they also want to explore the housing allowance. These sites or programs can advise them on any other challenges they face and Council staff may, if necessary, report a resident to these organizations.

If you don`t change from a safe rental agreement or certain other types of rentals, start your rental as an introductory tenant. Canterbury City Council has conditions for the land and must approve the monthly rent, the size of the apartment and the amount of the deposit. You must also check the start date of the lease and the tenant must agree with the Board to other details of the system. In collaboration with private sector landlords, Canterbury City Council will give those who rent a house a guarantee on the rental deposit that must be paid by a potential tenant. There is support for people who are in the city and have low incomes. The housing assistance service oversees the program, and the reason is that they are trying to prevent homelessness in the city. For an informal discussion on this role, please contact Tracey Fossey, Housing Service Manager, tracey.fossey@canterbury.gov.uk We are an ambitious and progressive board that is determined to be one of the best social housing providers in the country. It sets out certain rules that you and those who live in or visit your home must follow by law. The lease gives you both rights and duties. It also lists the services to which you are entitled in return for the rent you pay.

Private sector landlords often agree with the surety system, as it can also cover future rent arrears or damage to the home. In addition, the person renting the house can also receive other help from the Council for budgeting and maintaining the house, so the owners also appreciate. Main sources of information around your lease. Canterbury City Council, a district councillor in the heart of the Garden of England, is happy to bring its housing service back into the house. Anyone who receives the Council`s help to continue, the lessor must accept the guarantee, but the Council`s specialists have information about those who have collaborated with the Council in the past. You can help people find a private rental property and help verify a lease. The house chosen in Canterbury or Kent must be affordable. Anyone wishing to learn more or apply for the rental deposit scheme should report to the Council office on Military Road, Canterbury, CT1 1YW.. . . .

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