Champaign Unit 4 Collective Bargaining Agreement

The last agreement between the union and the district expired on June 30 and the new agreement is retroactive to that date. The agreement provides for two additional days of further training, half of each day being intended for teachers` self-control. Gianina Baker, a board member, said it was not easy for her to vote in favor of the new deal. She cited the frustration of parishioners who rushed in favor of a proposed charter school, rejected by the board earlier this year. The charter school`s intention was to address the fact that children of color are disciplined in the district with higher rates and perform worse academically than their white peers. The Champaign Teachers` Federation ratified the treaty with 98 percent of members voting in favour, said Jennifer White, president of the CFT. The council and the union reached a preliminary agreement after the CFT filed an announcement of 10 days of intention to strike. In addition, the agreement provides for an allowance or a period of paid leave of up to 21 hours per year for teachers who visit students` residences. Teachers on the payroll plan also receive an average increase of 4.25 percent per year, and those who are not in the calendar will receive an increase of 3 percent per year. The agreement provides opportunities for teachers who have good grades in schools with high turnover rates to get a $6,000 scholarship, as well as a language that increases the entry-level salary of those hired for « hard-to-fill » positions.

« I wanted to stick to the professional development days and was told I had advanced a strike, » he said. « When I understood what it was going to do, how it was going to disrupt the school year and what impact it could have for years to come, what impact it would have on the community, I didn`t feel it was in the best interest of the borough to move the strike forward. But at the same time, I can`t ignore the work that remains to be done. « It`s just unfortunate that we`re here six months later and we don`t have anything that attacks the work of justice for our students, » he said. Brown said he wants to see additional career development focused specifically on racial equity and closing the performance gap contained in the new treaty. The Champaign Unit 4 Board of Education voted to approve a new teaching contract at a special Council meeting on 27 November 2018. The Champaign Unit 4 district has officially avoided a strike. On Tuesday, the Unit 4 Education Committee and the teachers` union voted on a new three-year teaching contract. The new contract also provides for ceilings for kindergarten classes from 24 students in the current school year, 23 for the next school year and 22 for the 2020-21 school year. . . .

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