Hoe Schrijf Je Gentleman`s Agreement

Similarly, in 1907, Morgan again collaborated with Roosevelt to create a gentlemen`s agreement that would allow U.S. Steel to acquire its largest competitor, Tennessee Coal and Iron, under a tacit and tacit rule contrary to the Sherman Act. Ceasefire arrangements will also have a great impact on affected communities, including livelihoods, education, housing and health care — issues that will be particularly important for women. The absence of ceasefire agreements to address these problems in a duly respected and non-discriminatory manner could have important repercussions, including ensuring that the agreed peace will be stable and lasting. Some women participating in the interviews asked for a 30 per cent quota for women`s participation in all negotiations. This quota has been the subject of considerable discussion and disagreement, including during preparatory discussions between ethnic armed organizations for the nationwide ceasefire agreement. During these discussions, some male members of armed groups wanted to make the 30 per cent rate a ceiling — that is, the maximum level of women`s participation and not a field, the minimum level. As a representative of an armed ethnic organization told Human Rights Watch, the final language of the ceasefire agreement, which suggests a 30 percent rate, was ignored by both the armed opposition and government negotiators. « In theory, we can do that, » the representative said. « But in practice, it`s difficult. Five out of twenty-nine ethnic affairs ministers elected to regional assemblies are women and women have been chosen as prime ministers for both tenasserim region and Karen State.

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