Implementation Of The Agreement

Implementation agreements provide for contractual obligations and direct contractual obligations between the government and the supplier or project company: the government is generally not a party to the power purchase contract. The installation of a power plant often requires government contributions to obtain the necessary consents, which undertake to ensure that the distribution company meets its obligations (sometimes in the form of a guarantee) when the supplier is concerned that the supplier will not or does not have the financial authority to meet its obligations. Implementation will generally include commitments made by the government on export duties and import and taxation of the supplier. The double risk clause (13.6) sets a useful precedent for projects involving more than one agreement. Prepared as part of sectoral reform as a model of agreement for a Southeast Asian country. The implementation agreement will generally include commitments made by the supplier to the government. B, for example with regard to compliance with environmental legislation, dumping of fuels on national fuel markets, etc. This could be used in civil or common law law, subject to local legal advice. The agreement contains conditions under which the government must grant incentives and support to the future project company that provided the project for the design, construction and operation of the energy facility and the sale of energy to the state-owned distribution company.

It also includes the obligations of the project company. The parties negotiate transitional arrangements ranging from the Indian Act to the First Nation government, which must be defined in the final agreement and in the implementation agreement. Any termination of the enforcement contract does not affect all the rights that one party may have against the other contracting party because of a violation by that other contracting party prior to the termination of the performance contract. Provisions that may not be replicated/require further reflection: the compensation clause (11.2 – 11.8) is complete. Circumstances in which this contract may be appropriate: a copy of the implementation agreement is made available for consultation during normal opening hours at the company`s headquarters, from the date of joint announcement until the effective date.

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