Manchester City Council Tenancy Agreement

Starting in 2012, councils were given the authority not to offer « life » of secure leases, but rather to offer fixed-term leases of up to two years. At the end of the fixed term, the landlord reviews your circumstances and decides whether they terminate your lease, offer you another temporary rent or offer you a guaranteed and life rent. Although the government encouraged councils to use these new fixed-term leases, many have decided not to do so and continue to provide life security to their tenants (often after the first 12 months). In 2016, the government changed the law again: councils can now be forced to offer fixed-term leases and sell their most valuable homes by expanding the right to purchase for tenants of the housing company. If you do not tell us at all, you cannot rent another house in the North or Council in the future. Our employment and municipal centres are resources for you. If you have problems maintaining a tenancy agreement, please seek help for yourself and on behalf of your tenant, where possible. An agreement is reached if the landlord gives the tenant permission, in writing or orally, to reside in the property for an agreed rent. As soon as there is an agreement like this, you will be bound by certain laws. Whether or not we allow you to take over the lease depends on your circumstances and the nature of the property.

If you do not share with the tenant, the type of rent they have usually depends on when the lease started: before the late 1980s, the vast majority of social housing was Council housing, so people could vote in the Council elections for the political party they thought they would do best. Council rents were « safe rentals, » which generally meant that tenants could remain in their possession for life, as long as they paid their rent and complied with the rules of their tenancy agreement, with the right to transfer their property to certain family members after death. Housing companies can still freely choose the type of rental contract to be offered.

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