Prenuptial Agreement Sacramento

Historically, individuals used marital agreements as a strategy to protect prosperity. People with a high fortune design them to protect their property during a marriage. In modern society, many people sign a marriage agreement to avoid further confusion or because they recognize the strong potential for divorce in modern society. The rules for prenupes in California are complex. It is strongly recommended by legal experts to obtain legal advice before signing a prenup agreement. Talk to a local family lawyer to discuss whether a prenup is the best choice for you. Most family lawyers can develop a marital arrangement, but the results are different. I am the lawyer Linda D. States, and I have been writing marital agreements since I started practicing family law. I have prepared, defended and questioned marital agreements for some of the wealthiest in California. I know where prenups can be harmed and I use that knowledge to develop stronger agreements. Marital agreements have long suffered from a bad reputation. Most people thought (and some still do) that these documents are only for the very rich – especially those who marry someone with much less money.

The post-uptial agreement can be very complicated, as it can alter property rights, title, and can also have significant tax implications. Our lawyers will advise you on the impact of executing a post-uptial agreement. Although pre-contract agreements (also known as marriage contracts) are a well-known instrument used by some couples entering into a new marriage, the implementation of a valid and enforceable agreement requires the parties to meet certain requirements. A common argument against marital agreements is that someone who wants one expects a divorce. But that is not true. If you have car insurance, it`s not because you expect a crash. A matrimonial agreement can be considered a kind of insurance. For more information or to discuss your marriage contract issue, please contact us to consult with our experienced sacramento lawyers for preconjugations and renegotiations. Sacramento Prenuptial or Post-uptial Agreement lawyers at Boyd Law handle divorce cases on a regular basis. We understand how harmful heritage and wealth-sharing conflicts can be to the families involved. Although divorce rates are high in this country, we want every couple to have the best chance of marital success.

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