Afscme Council 31 Agreement State Illinois

« The Rauner era was an era of hostility towards workers and chaos in government. AFSCME members have succeeded by being united and refusing to be harassed, » said Roberta Lynch, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 31. Now public servants have a fair contract and, to Governor Pritzker, an employer who respects their voice and appreciates their work. As always, the conditions are published after union members have the opportunity to review and coordinate the interim agreement at the workstation ratification meetings scheduled for the next few days. Once again, the notions of workers and taxpayers are confused. An employee is a person who earns a pay cheque for the service they provide to his or her employer. It made me win services. A tax payer is a person who pays taxes so that services can be provided to him or her or others. So services provided. These are completely different things. Stop the assumption that government employees earn less than you. Leave the assumption that they receive more services than you do. Finish the assumption that they should earn less money, receive less benefits for workers and pay more taxes – what you really want.

These are the people who say hateful about state employees for no other reason than state employees. Taxpayers therefore do not benefit from: – timely renewal of doctors` and nurses` licences – timely treatment of tax refunds – inspection of gas pumps, which ensure that you receive the gas for which you pay – timely and accurate treatment of Medicaid coverage – regularly inspected care homes, hospitals and other health facilities – prisons occupied by trained professionals – a clean environment – well-maintained public parks – a well-maintained computer network which keeps all public authorities networked including several databases that contain extremely important information – and so on, and so on, etc. – Several sources confirmed this morning that AFSCME and state negotiators reached an agreement in the early hours of the morning. I`ll update this article with press releases, etc. in a bit. Meanwhile, Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch, CMS Chief Negotiator Robb Craddock, shakes hands… Thank you to a loving God, a new contract. I appreciate the hard work and hours that our negotiating team has worked for. I also appreciate the management that is working hard to conclude the agreement. This shows that we were very close to an agreement.

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