Bizagi Process Modeler License Agreement

If you purchase additional users for an existing installation, you must purchase the same type of user license that you never acquired. This is because license keys are specific to each license type and do not work in another license type. Bizagi reserves the right to no longer offer technical support for some of its products after 5 years since its first publication. If Bizagi decides to do so, Bizagi will terminate it with an announcement on the following link: www.bizagi.com/en/buy/bizagi-support-life-cycle with at least 12 months in the meantime. Such an announcement contains the date from which the product no longer has technical support, as well as information about migration options. These publications are subject to change. Excluded Services This EULA does not apply to the use of cloud or business services that you purchase from Bizagi or to software offered as freeware (« Excluded Services »). All such excluded services are exclusively subject to the terms of the agreement you have performed or accepted, which covers these excluded services. Insofar as Bizagi processes personal data within the framework of this SEA, the terms of the Bizagi Data Processing Agreement apply to the following address: www.bizagi.com/sa?BLI&CL&DPA. Amendment. This ITA may only be modified by a written agreement signed by duly authorized representatives of the end user and by Bizagi. Step: A step is any shape in a process diagram, except for the start and end shapes. More information: help.bizagi.com/process-modeler/en/index.html?install_and_register.htm document, create and optimize your processes with the BPMN standard.


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