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This type of cash-pooling then collects the accounts of each subsidiary without obtaining cash or paperwork. Whether the credit facility associated with a cash pool is a single instrument and what considerations must be declared depends (i) on the legally binding agreement between the Bank and the cash pool participants, (ii) the format in which cash pooling is implemented and (iii) the cash pooling contract between the participants, which defines their reciprocal rights and obligations. With respect to credit lines as part of a cash pool, the reports to AnaCredit follow the general guidelines, in particular the guidelines on multi-debtor/multi-product structures. This is because the credit facility is generally available to several debtors and the credit limit structure can cover several levels and encompass different types of instruments. See Section 3 of Part III of the Report Manual, which deals specifically with instruments under a multi-debtor/product structure. The principle of capital preservation in Germany and Austria is a typical example of differences in the evolution of legislation. Due to the « Bremer Vulkan » decision of the Bundesgerichtshof[1] in Germany, increasingly stringent requirements for the admissibility of credits within a group were established. Here the Federal Court of Justice already has the existing cash-pooling. On 24 November 2003, another decision of the Federal Court of Justice [2] brought at first one of the rules of capital maintenance to the GmbH. The right to reimburse a limited liability company against the Master Account from the parent company, described above and deferred, was not sufficient for Germany`s highest court. This restrictive attitude of creditor protection was also manifested in two other judgments of 16 January 2006,[3] in the Federal Court of Justice, hut, that the legal principle of companies of the contribution of real capital is also gilded in the cash pool system. The BGH threatens in case of cash-pooling the partners of the S.A.R.L.

with the use of the. 19 GmbHG, while managing after . 43 GmbH may be compensated. This complicates or even prevents the inflow of capital to a company in a cash pool group. The main account must be declared where the contract implies a credit limit for the group of companies, regardless of whether the funds made available to the bank have been deducted or not. An instrument is subject to notification when the creditor of the observed agent allows the debtor to draw funds after the conclusion of a legally binding agreement with the debtor. In cases where this is not the case, i.e. the bank does not provide financing, but provides only a zero credit account, these accounts should not be reported to AnaCredit, even if they are served by AnaCredit banks. Cash pooling is a centralized cash management strategy to balance the accounts of a group`s subsidiaries. The ultimate goal is to optimize the state and administration of the Ministry of Finance by overcoming the imperfections of financial markets at a lower cost. Since pooling is done by the bank by creating a high-account fictitious account that practically consolidates the positions of pool participants, but does not present itself as a bank resource or obligation, the top fictitious account is not subject to notification to AnaCredit. Therefore, to illustrate the declaration of extended credits by agents observed to counterparties related in a cash pooling system, two major cases of physical and fictitious cash pooling are distinguished.

[3] For cash-pooling to be law-a-law and fair, the following rules must be followed: In the hybrid cash pool, participating players combine an efficient and virtual cash pool.

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