Comprehensive And Enhanced Partnership Agreement With Armenia

For CEPA to enter into force, all EU Member States, the EU itself and the European Atomic Energy Community must ratify the agreement. As of September 2020, 27 parties had fully ratified CEPA. [1] The agreement also includes a substantive trade title with significant commitments in several areas of trade policy. These will improve the conditions for bilateral trade between the EU and Armenia, while taking full account of Armenia`s commitments as a member of the Eurasian Union. They will ensure a better regulatory environment for economic operators in areas such as trade in services and goods, business start-ups and management, capital movements, public procurement and intellectual property rights, sustainable development and competition. The agreement encourages Armenian companies to sell more goods and services to the EU and EU companies to open subsidiaries in Armenia, which will contribute to economic growth and job creation. [14] [16] The Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement can be considered a « light » version of an EU free trade agreement, in which 96% of Armenian products can enter the EU`s internal market duty-free. From 2020, the EU will be Armenia`s largest export market. [17] In the meantime, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the development of the partnership with the European Union is one of the main orientations of the foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia. [22] This agreement provides a framework for cooperation between the EU and Armenia in a wide range of areas: strengthening democracy, the rule of law and human rights; Create more jobs and business opportunities, improve legislation, public safety, a cleaner environment, improve education and research opportunities. This bilateral agenda also contributes to the EU`s overall objective of deepening and strengthening its relations with the countries of its Eastern Neighbourhood through the Eastern Partnership.

The Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between Armenia and the EU (CEPA) is an agreement covering issues of interest to the EU, including cooperation between the European Union and Armenia in the economic, trade and political fields. . . .

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