Cooperation Agreement Between France And Cameroon

On 26 July 2019, outgoing French Ambassador to Cameroon Gilles Thibault and President Paul Biya discussed ways to promote excellence in cooperation. The François Institute of Cameroon, with its sites in Yaounde and Douala, is the cornerstone of French cooperation in the fields of culture, language, science and research. France maintains an important security and defence cooperation with Cameroon, with an emphasis on training. This is the case, for example, of national regional schools, such as the Yaounde International Staff College (ESIG). During the farewell address with President Paul Biya at the Unique Palace on 26 July 2019, Ambassador Gilles Thibault announced that his country had signed two cooperation agreements with Cameroon on the same day. One of the 100 million euro (65 billion fcfa) agreements is part of the third tranche of the budget support loan and will enable Cameroon to continue the implementation of the economic and financial programme signed by the country with the International Monetary Fund in June 2017 and to stabilize the CEMAC area. The second agreement, worth 655 million CFA francs, is part of the third phase of the French debt development contract (C2D), which aims to rehabilitate and modernize the national museum. The agreements signed last Thursday are just one tip for the growing and increasingly diversified cooperative relations between Cameroon and France. Since the launch of C2D, Cameroon has received French funding for projects in various socio-economic, educational and environmental fields. The growing cooperation between Cameroon and France also plays a leading role in the field of defence and security. France has played a leading role in Cameroon`s support in the war against Boko Haram. The implementation of the ongoing reforms for the modernization of the Cameroonian army has received broad French support, which also extends to training organizations such as the Simbock-Yaounde International War College, the International School of Security Forces (EIFORCES) in Awae, near Yaounde, the Garoua Regional Airforce School.

In the economic field, areas such as the construction of the second bridge over the Wouri in Douala are worth celebrating. The French Cultural Centre in Yaounde is intensifying cooperation. Since 2006, our cooperation has largely been based on the debt cancellation and development contract (C2D), which refinances lending rates through subsidies. The third contract of its kind was signed on 30 June 2016 for a total of 611 million euros over an 8-year period, divided between the following areas: agriculture and rural development (182 million euros); infrastructure and urban development (156.5 million euros); budgetary aid (185 million euros, part of which is for education); Governance support (9.8 million euros) and support for the sector and partnership (16.38 million euros). There is a reserve of 61.8 million euros that will be made available as part of the mid-term review. PARIS – France said Thursday that its defense cooperation with Cameroon would continue in the wake of the U.S. venture, after it said it was suspending its military support for the West African country because of alleged human rights violations by its security forces. « France is bound by a defence partnership agreement that conducts it according to international standards, » Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnès von der Muhll said in a daily briefing with reporters. France and Cameroon have a long-standing and intense relationship. Our civil cooperation is considerable and covers many areas: governance, health, education, infrastructure, rural development, the environment, higher education, research and culture.

Q. What do you think of the controversy in Cameroon after the meeting between the ambassador and President Paul Biya on 16 April, when rumours about the absence of the president and perhaps even a power vacuum are multiplying? one.

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