Embedded Software Agreement

Distributor ESL: the licensee of the agreement, which meets all the requirements outlined in this contract, with the aim of marketing the software as an integrated program with its own product. It is customary for software solution providers to use third-party products to support the functionality these vendors have developed for their solutions. For example, a network monitoring solution may include IBM Cognos or an accounting solution to a Microsoft SQL Server database. In today`s marketplace, these solutions are increasingly hosted by the Internet, and many software vendors are managing licensing models for solution providers operating in this area (for example. B Microsoft or SPLA service provider license agreement). However, many companies continue to prefer local solutions for their business-critical IT solutions, and providers of these solutions must be able to meet these preferences. 1.18 « Source code » refers to software in a form where the logic of the program is easily understood for a human being; 1.2 « Developer » refers to a single user identified by a unique user identification number and having access to embedded software on an authorized development site. A single user is a person who works directly with the software embedded in the source code or who creates, edits or compiles software that is ultimately linked to the software embedded as object code and is integrated into the customer`s product at the time of its manufacture; Documentation: the user manual is defined with all other modes of use of technical literature, and the license documentation (which consists of the ALP, the ELP agreement, and if another special license is required, the corresponding license agreement) Under this type of agreement, the seller obtains the right to integrate and redistribute certain software components for use associated with specific solutions , for a fee generally calculated on the basis of the number of units delivered or the number of units delivered. Users who have been made available for the use of the solution. In theory, such an agreement seems reasonable and appropriate, but as often, the devil lurks in the details: 15th third beneficiary. For all products granted under this contract and made available to end-users by the customer, Mentor Graphics or the licensee concerned is a third party that benefits from the agreement between the customer and the end user.

Mentor Graphics Corporation, Mentor Graphics (Ireland) Limited and other licensees may be third parties to this Agreement, with the right to apply the commitments set out in this Agreement.

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