Federation University Australia Union Collective Agreement

The classification structure and minimum standards applicable to the levels of academic teaching and research personnel are set out in the National Minimum Academic Standards (MSALs) which are attached to Annex 4 and are available at federation.edu.au/ data/assets/pdf_file/0015/5514/uca_1012_sched4.pdf. 52.1.2 In agreement with the University, maternity leave may be taken for more than one consolidated period, but not more than two (2) separate periods. 30.8.1 by giving the university or individual staff of the other party a period of 28 days in writing, with a period of 28 days, and terminating the agreement that terminates the operation at the end of the notice period; or 30.4 If the university proposes a workplace flexibility agreement to a single employee or group of employees, the university will give a copy of the proposal to the employee and inform the employee(s) that they can be advised by the appropriate union. The university will grant unionized union members, on committees, working groups or audit bodies, whether created under a company agreement, university policy or on an ad hoc basis, sufficient paid time authorization to participate in and, where appropriate, consult with meetings. 69.15 This clause does not apply to changes to regular working hours, normal working time or non-working time, if such changes are part of an agreement with an employee under clauses 30 (flexibility of the workplace) or 22 hours of work of this agreement or are part of the academic workload allocation process. provided for in clause 36 (workload management – academic staff). (Agreed) 36.15 Staff and DVC(A) should discuss these concerns and seek agreement. In the absence of an agreement, the DVC (A) will make a decision in due course and, if possible, within two weeks of the request referred to in paragraph 36.14. Until a review of the work allowance provided for in this clause is completed, no dispute may be raised under clause 69 concerning the allocation of a person`s workload. 69.6 If the university has developed a formal proposal to introduce major changes in employment, the university will consult the relevant workers and trade unions as soon as possible before taking a decision on the major change in the workplace. 69.8 The Parties shall immediately and sincerely consider all feedback and shall endeavour to respond in a timely manner to any issues raised during the consultation. The university will respond to any written comments from relevant staff or unions. (Agreed) 4.4 The Parties agree to enter into negotiations for a replacement company agreement on or before the nominal expiry date of this Agreement.


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