Forbearance Agreement Lease

This press release also contains a waiver of civil code § 1542, which states that: • Support all deficiencies in your warranty position – take advantage of the leniency agreement to remedy deficiencies in your loan or leasing documentation, including the absence of installation certificates, changes to warranty descriptions, corrected UCC financing statements, the absence of subordination agreements, waiver to the necessary lessor 100,000,000,000,000 DO NOT SIGN ANY leniency agreement of the Kort & Scott Financial Group (KSFG) dba Sierra Corporate Management (SCM) until you have sought professional and/or legal advice. The signing of an SCM Leniency Agreement waives the rights of your landlord and forms KSFG/SCM of all debts, claims, disputes, controversies, remedies, remedies, remedies, losses, debts, damages or injuries (collectively referred to as « claims »), due or conditionally, liquidated or not, known and unknown, presumed or reckless by the MIE TER against PARK, free. • An acknowledgment of shortcomings – the predicate of any indulgence is the existence of an omission. The agreement should define the defaults and each borrower/lessee and guarantor should acknowledge the same thing as he has been duly declared. GENERAL DECLASSIFICATION OF CLAIMS: In addition to this agreement and due to the complete and faithful execution expected of the duration and promises of this agreement, the tenant agrees to release and release PARK completely and forever from any liability, including all owners, managers, management companies and their collaborators, representatives and representatives. Claims, disputes, controversies, remedies, remedies, remedies, claims, losses, debts, damages or injuries (collectively referred to as « claims »), due or conditional, liquidated or not, known and unknown, suspected or unackheld that the tenant may have against PARK. This waiver also includes, but is not limited to, all claims regarding the rental application, the rental agreement, the lease to PARK, the immediate action and / or other claims that the tenant would have suffered as a result of alleged actions of PARK and its representatives, collaborators; Entity managers, off-site management companies and representatives as well as all rent-related claims. It is also useful to ask the tenant`s principals to sign a personal guarantee for the lease if they have not already done so.. . . .

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