Pipsc Collective Bargaining Agreement

If the steering committee accepts the recommendations for the implementation of the program, including performance and governance, as well as the EWSP proposal itself, approval of these elements will be obtained from the Board of Directors of Canada and the bargaining units. Provisions that were preceded by two asterisks were amended from the previous collective agreement. The employer will continue, through the working group set up, to conduct a useful consultation with the Institute for the Review of Classification Standards to be implemented to assess workers in the occupational categories currently in the Audit, Financial and Scientific bargaining unit. The working group will continue to address current classification issues and opportunities for improvement. c. When a worker is entitled to Section 3 compensation under more than one collective agreement, the worker receives only an ineligible amount of four hundred dollars ($400) for a period of less than 3 (b), the employee may receive a payment of $50, up to a maximum total of four hundred and fifty dollars ($450). 33.03 The Commission agrees to provide each worker with a copy of the collective agreement and any changes to it. In order to meet the employer`s obligation under this clause, workers can access this agreement electronically. If electronic access to the contract is not available or is not practical, a printed copy of the agreement is made available to the worker upon request. d.

The payment of retroactive amounts related to transactions that were not recorded in the payroll system at the time of viewing historical salary data. B such as creditworthy payment, promotions, overtime and/or deliveries, is not taken into account in determining whether an agreement has been implemented. 1. The Institute may make a group complaint to the employer on behalf of workers in the collective agreement unit who feel aggrieved by the usual interpretation or application of a collective agreement or arbitration award for these workers.

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