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Unless otherwise agreed, separate sales contracts will be concluded for PSLs and all associated tickets and car parks. You always need at least one process to choose which agencies you work with. I am more of an advocate of flexibility. The first thing I recommend is that your own conditions be established for the agencies; Don`t sign hers. You determine the period of surrender, the period of detention of candidates, the SLAs and everything that is important to your business. Follow him with a discussion paper. Transfer period: refers to the time of year during which the team processes PSL transfers and thus allows the closing of transactions. Transfer periods are explained in more detail in Section 4.12 of this usage agreement. Guarantees a higher level of privacy and security of sensitive business information 3.3 Accurate information: You can only provide accurate and complete information for each transaction made via the website.

You must not provide information to PSL Source or list false, inaccurate, misleading, fraudulent, obscene or defamatory information on the site. You must provide PSL Source immediately all necessary information on the website or at the request of PSL Source. You will immediately delete, correct or change any information that will become incorrect, incomplete or misleading, and we may delete this information from the site at our sole discretion 4.3 The seller responds to the buyer`s offer: All buyer offers are automatically presented to the Seller via the seller account center on the site. In response to the buyer`s offer, the seller may: 6.8 Applicable law and jurisdiction: This contract of use is governed by the laws of the state of North Carolina and is interpreted accordingly. All disputes related to this user agreement, including disputes relating to transactions conducted through the site, will be resolved in regional or federal courts in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, unless the parties to the dispute are otherwise agreed. Counter-offer: Refers to a firm counter-offer made by a seller to a buyer or buyer to a seller in response to an offer or counter-offer from the other party via the site interface. 4.8 Buyer`s Payment: As soon as a sale agreement has been entered into between the buyer and PSL Source, the buyer is responsible for transmitting to PSL Source the final sale price of PSL. The buyer will do everything in his power to send PSL Source the payment of the final sale price of PSL within 7 business days from the date of the conclusion of the sale contract. 6.5 Notes: All messages sent to PSL Source must be sent electronically to a registered PSL source email address, as shown on the site, or by authenticated email to the address below: a) PSL Commission: the commission for the services provided for the transfer of PSL. Unless otherwise stated, the PSL commission is either 10% of the final sale price of the PSL or $250, depending on the highest value.

You can also see more information on the minimum commission explanation page. 3.1 Registration and protection of username and password: You must register via the website and provide us with all the information necessary for registration as a precondition for the use of the services of this site. You should not register a false name or use other erroneous information.

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