Rental Agreement Law In South Africa

We moved to this place last year. When we moved, we were so impressed with the so-called owner, who claimed to own the entire building in Illovo, Gauteng and promised us a lot of things that will be repaired after our move and that we were so happy at first, but soon we realize the dark side of the whole trap. The house was unbearably cold and nothing was repaired, which contains windows, then we ask her to move and the lady told us « we cannot leave the accommodation unless we close the initial one year lease term »€, so yes, we are new to this country and this was our second experience, Go to a rental location and we decided to stay in the cold house and suffer while waiting for Jan so that we could move, and now in January, when we told him we wanted to move, and before that, we also expressly informed him in November that we have our lease after the Jan. . .

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