Sponsor Bank Agreement

1. Purpose of this CETA. As the recipient of a payment financed by credit or debit card, Visa U.S.A., Inc. and Visa International (« Visa »), Mastercard International Incorporated (« Mastercard ») and DFS Services LLC (« Discover ») and all applicable debit networks (together the « Associations ») require that you enter into a direct contractual relationship with a bank that is a member of the Associations. By joining the CEA, you comply with the association`s rule of entering into a direct contractual relationship with a member bank and you agree to abide by the association`s rules when they relate to payments you receive through the Braintree service. Most, but not all, federal premiums use accredited payment systems. With a credit instead of charging UW to the sponsor or obtaining a deposit, the UW auction body allows direct access to the funds through a bank-to-bank transfer up to the amount allocated in case of expenses. This process is often referred to as the traction of means. From time to time, an agency may turn to the IP if they are concerned that the price will not be used quickly enough or because of an obvious discrepancy between our payments and the amount of expenses in our tax reports. In this case, please send a GrantTracker to GCA under the theme of sponsor payments or forward the sponsor`s message to gcahelp@uw.edu.

Watch the video! Click on the video for a brief presentation to the letter of credit. Remember that the same video is used as part of the requirements to complete the CORE certificate in research management. You may need to review this video to get the required CORE credit In addition to the risk of repayment loss, ISO also has an obligation to monitor all of its traders` trades in order to minimize the risk of trader losses by identifying high-risk trades. ISO is equipped with software that identifies all risky credit card transactions by its dealers. Every day, these high-risk transactions are grouped together in a report that ISO can verify. It is ISO`s responsibility to determine whether or not it should hold funds in any of these transactions in order to minimize the risk of loss. By holding funds, ISO is able to redirect the funds to an account that the bank controls and prevent the trader from receiving the funds. This allows ISO to carry out a more detailed study of the nature of the transaction to determine whether it should release the funds to the trader or whether the trader should keep the funds to ensure that the transaction will not turn into a loss of repayment.. . .

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