Abaya Mezzouaq portée par Hijab Revival en Australie

Voici un article écrit par notre soeur de « Hijab Revival » d’Australie qui porte à merveille

notre Abaya Mezzouaq de couleur incarnat diapré

« I was graciously sent an abaya from the France based company Al Moultazimoun. I was sent this a while ago hence the reason I have had their banner ——-> up for quite a while but I only really had the opportunity to wear it yesterday! I chose this particular abaya from their vast range because it can be worn casually or styled up to a more smart casual look.

This abaya called the Abaya Mezzouaq has some pretty cool features such as black panelling at the front and undersides of the arms to give the illusion of slenderness without compromising on its modesty. It also cleverly includes a detachable piece of black fabric at the bottom of the skirt for those women who need to shorten it. Just make sure you really give the abaya a good steam/iron before you wear it, especially around its seams as they do tend to look a bit strange if you don’t.
Al Moultazimoun have so many different categories for sale it is mind boggling. They have womenswear, hijabs, mens wear, childrens clothing, accessories, books, natural care and much much more.
Their website is originally in French but you have the option to change the language by clicking on the small tab at the top right corner of the page.
If you are interested in purchasing anything from their website don’t forget to use the code HR1 for a 10% discount! »
Here are some pictures of how I styled the piece:
Here is a handy hint on how you can wear a necklace and still maintain chest coverage. All you do is pin the hijab under your chin as usual making sure one side is longer then the other. Flick the longer side over your shoulder (you choose which shoulder you prefer) and pin the shorter side over your chest. Then this provides a perfect canvas for a necklace (as seen below) simple!

Awesome panelling!

Abaya Mezzouaq portée par Hijab Revival en Australie

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